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Learn More About the High Cost of Muni Broadband

Prepared for City of Seattle June 2015
by the Columbia Telecommunications Corporation



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Seattle Officials Argue Municipal Network Would Put “Basic” City Functions At Risk

According to a study performed by Columbia Telecommunications Corp., an outside consultant, a proposed government-owned broadband network is Seattle would cost between $480 million and $665 million to build. The report, which cost city taxpayers $180,000 to complete, was released yesterday.

The multi-million estimate is too costly for some Seattle officials, who also argue the city’s decision last fall to reduce regulatory barriers to private investment is already working.


Will Seattle Put Other Services At Risk To Build A Government Owned Network?

Seattle is at a crossroads. As the Coalition for the New Economy reported previously, a government-commissioned study there revealed building a city-owned broadband network would cost up to $665 million. The report also outlined how difficult it would be for the network to make ends meet, much less make a profit.

In the wake of the report, advocates for government-owned networks have made it clear that cost, and the taxpayer risk and other funding priorities that would be put in jeopardy, is no worry for them.