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Private Sector Is Advancing Broadband

October 5, 2017

Today more than 285 million Americans use the Internet and 85 percent of families have broadband or a smartphone at home. After investing more than $1.5 trillion into broadband infrastructure over the last 20 years, including $76 billion in 2015 alone, it is clear that the private sector is the primary driver behind this advancement. Every day, private Internet Service Providers are making new investments to bring better, faster Internet service to Americans. Here are the latest examples: 

  • In the Miami, Fla. area, Atlantic Broadband has increased its fastest speed offering from 250 megabits per second to one gigabit.
  • Local startup Jump Fiber is about to launch gigabit service in San Antonio, Tex.
  • CenturyLink is increasing speeds and expanding serve in rural areas of the country. The company already has extended faster speeds to more than one million homes and small businesses and will increase speeds for another two million by the end of 2017. According to FierceTelecom, “[H]alf of the targeted homes and businesses will be able to access speeds of 100 Mbps and higher.” The company also “has expanded its broadband network into many rural communities this year.”
  • One place CenturyLink will expand: “tiny towns in southwest Missouri.”
  • AT&T now offers 500 megabit per second home internet in eight cities: Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, and Tampa.
  • Greenburgh, N.Y. should soon be getting gigabit service from Altice.
  • Mediacom Communications has launched gigabit speeds in Pinal County, Ariz. According to the local newspaper, “As a result, homes and businesses in San Tan Valley, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and Queen Valley now have access to internet download speeds that are up to 40 times faster than the minimum broadband definition set by the Federal Communications Commission.”
  • Comcast has opened more than 137,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots across Florida. Comcast also recently announced that it is bringing gigabit speeds to customers in Alexandria, Va.
  • What’s next? AT&T is testing faster 5G broadband speeds in Waco, Tex.; Kalamazoo, Mich.; and South Bend, Ind.