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Tennesse Legislature Puts Broadband Bills On Hold, For Now

March 20, 2014

leg.A few weeks ago we wrote about a few pieces of legislation under consideration in the Tennessee statehouse that would allow more government-owned broadband networks (GONs) to compete against private ones in areas where broadband already exists.

The Coalition for the New Economy recently learned at that all four bills under consideration (S.B. 2005/H.B. 1974, S.B. 1240/H.B. 2242, S.B. 2428/H.B. 2364 and S.B. 2562/H.B. 2482) have been tabled for the current legislative session.

While this development is good news for taxpayers, it does not end the threat to them. The Tennessee legislature will study the bills listed above this summer. And, of course, the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to examine and possibly overrule state laws that either ensure GONs play by the same rules as their private competitors or restrict taxpayer-owned networks to currently-unserved areas is also still on the table.

As it has in the past, CNE will keep a close eye on these efforts and continue to argue that government ownership of broadband is bad for taxpayers and bad for consumers.