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NC on the Right Track to Improve Its Broadband Infrastructure

October 16, 2013

According WRAL TechWire in North Carolina, the state has launched a survey and scorecard project that will determine Tarheels’ broadband needs and wants. WRAL reports the project will take place throughout October; its goal is to improve the competitiveness of North Carolina’s businesses and workforce by promoting the use of information technology.

Survey respondents are asked to assess their current use of broadband; their responses will be compared to “broadband usage and economic impacts with peer organizations nationwide.” The survey will also analyze small businesses’ use of broadband to summarize the impact the technology has on their business and to “compare individual businesses with industry peers in similar communities around the country as well as provide suggested broadband-enabled tools that could increase competitiveness, efficiencies and revenues.”

Importantly, WRAL also notes the state will use the results of the survey to identify where broadband is still needed and to encourage public-private partnerships to address those needs.

CNE, of course, agrees with this approach and hopes that the state will continue to look to further build North Carolina’s broadband infrastructure through these partnerships. Readers in North Carolina are encouraged to participate in the survey, found here, so the states can move forward.