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Online Shoppers Didn’t Wait for Cyber Monday

November 26, 2012

While several big box stores opened their doors well before midnight on Black Friday, consumers, it seems, weren’t enticed by the ever-earlier hours and instead chose to shop online.

According to a story over the weekend by CNet, online shopping was up 17 percent over last year on Thanksgiving Day and nearly 21 percent on Black Friday. The number of shoppers using wireless broadband also increased. According to CNet, “Shoppers using mobile devices accounted  for 16.3 percent of those sales, compared to 9.8 percent in 2011. IBM found that 24 percent of online shoppers used mobile devices, compared with 14.3 percent in 2011. Apple led the mobile shopping experience —  the iPad was used by 88.3 percent of tablet shoppers, and the iPhone and iPad together were used in 18.5 percent of online shopping transactions.”

The average online order on Black Friday was more than $181.

What is even better than the convenience of shopping online with Thanksgiving leftovers in hand, and football on TV? Saving money by doing it. According to a new study by the Internet Innovations Alliance, American consumers saved $8,870 in 2012 by shopping online, nearly $1,200 more than they did in 2011. According to the CNet story, online sales of apparel were up nearly 18 percent on Black Friday; the IIA estimates online shoppers will save nearly $1,000 this year by making apparel purchases online.

Since 2005, online retailers have focused on the Monday after Thanksgiving – today, “cyber Monday” – for their retail deals. It will be a few days before we know how much sales increased online from cyber Monday in 2011, but given last week’s statistics it’s clear more and more American shoppers are choosing to use broadband to start their holiday shopping.