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South Carolina Coalition for the New Economy

February 25, 2011

The South Carolina Coalition for the New Economy was started with the goal of ensuring that all South Carolinians have access to the best that technology has to offer. Policies governing the buildout of network infrastructure should be fair and fiscally responsible.

As such, a number of pro-business groups have joined together to launch South Carolina Coalition for the New Economy; members of our group plan to work hand-in-hand with local, county and state government to make certain that policies are in place to allow every home and business access to broadband Internet , but that public money isn’t being wasted by providing duplicate service where it already exists.

We are particularly concerned about the wasteful duplication of existing or planned Internet service. The role of governments should be to make certain that Internet services are available to every American – not to compete head-to-head against the private sector that is already offering such services. Please stay tuned for more information on our membership and activities in the coming weeks!