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About Us

The Coalition for the New Economy (CNE) is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans have access to innovative technologies and that policies are fair, fiscally responsible and will allow for increased access and adoption.

CNE is committed to ensuring that investments in broadband networks are used efficiently and effectively. CNE believes that Government Owned Broadband Networks (GONs) should operate solely to provide high speed Internet access to unserved areas.  While GONs often stifle private investment by enjoying tax and regulatory advantages, carefully structured public-private partnerships can provide an option for funding broadband connectivity and reducing risks inherent in GONs.  It is important to be certain that increasingly scarce public dollars are bringing broadband to homes and businesses which would not otherwise have it; we should not use taxpayer dollars to duplicate existing infrastructure.

The members of the Coalition for the New Economy (CNE) are businesses, associations, and individuals who are concerned about the wasteful duplication of existing or planned Internet service.

Members of the CNE want to work hand-in-hand with local, county and state governments to make certain that policies are in place to allow every home and business access to broadband Internet, but that public money isn’t being wasted by providing duplicate service which it already exists.